R Markdown Primer

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4 min readMay 28, 2023

Reproducible and Remarkable All Around

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R Markdown is a dynamic document format that combines Markdown syntax with embedded R code chunks. It allows you to create reproducible reports, presentations, and documents that seamlessly integrate narrative text, code, and visualizations.

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Markdown Language, R Sensibility

R Markdown uses Markdown, a lightweight markup language, to format text and create headers, lists, tables, and other elements. Markdown provides a simple and intuitive way to structure your document.

R Markdown allows you to embed R code chunks within your document using the syntax {r}. These code chunks can be used to perform calculations, manipulate data, generate visualizations, and more. The code is executed, and the results are seamlessly incorporated into the final output.

cheatsheets available here

Useful and Ubiquitous

R Markdown is very popular among developers for several reasons. It promotes reproducibility by enabling you to…



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