How to Find Clients and Sell Your Data Modeling Skills

Expanding your data science business.

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Data science consulting is a growing field, as experts provide beneficial advice for a large variety and number of businesses.

One of the primary goals of an independent data consultant is to find clients who will benefit from their unique data modeling and analytical skills. It is really just something a consultant is always working on. Basic business development. This is because clients come and go. Some have short term needs. Some have long term needs. Sometimes we get lucky and get a go-to client who we can help while getting some regular revenue in return.

However, not all businesses will be a good fit, and you may need to make some adjustments to your approach in order to find clients to work with. This stems from the fact that not all businesses or organizations need your specific domain knowledge.

Specific domains of knowledge are areas of expertise that are a natural outcome of your work experience. If you have worked for non-profits in the past, you probably know their specific challenges, vocabulary and characteristics. For example, if you have worked for animal husbandry and fertility firms in the past you have a better grip on the realities of those businesses than the average joe.

Naval Ravikant does a great job of talking about specific knowledge. Think about something that you you are naturally good at and have been doing pretty much all of your life. Your friends ask you about it because its just what you know and have clearly taken an interest in learning about.

Here is a way to think about your domain knowledge, along with other important concepts for the next steps to a better data science consulting business:

Identify your specific domain knowledge. By considering your education, work experience, skills, interests, passions, feedback from others, industry trends, and accomplishments, you can gain a clearer understanding of your own professional domain knowledge. This self-awareness can help you make informed decisions about your career path, set professional goals, and leverage your expertise in your chosen field. There are specific industries and companies that will be prominent in this domain.



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